Great instructor, very energetic and upbeat with a positive attitude. Very knowledgeable and informative. Excellent content and very practical approach on the BPR methodology. Used great examples and provided excellent reference material...

A.B., Project Manager, AT&T

Fantastic instructor, great delivery and very knowledgeable. Outstanding structured approach to BPR, concepts explained thoroughly. Extremely powerful seminar...

J.H., Information Technology Consultant, Answers Consulting Group

Comprehensive coverage of business process reengineering and information technology. Outstanding content and materials. Great instructor. Good common sense approach, really helps information technology people take the information view, a real expert...

J.H., Information Technology Consultant, Answers Consulting Group

Excellent command of subject material, very relevant. Excellent focus on both the business and information technology viewpoints, very useful in tying BPR to information technology. Very dynamic, great presentation style, kept it interesting. Displayed extensive practical knowledge...

A.J., Information Systems Analyst, Scandinavian Airlines

In-depth instruction, logical, well organized. Provided clear definition of BPR terminology and methodology, as well as real world examples, excellent handouts. Outstanding instructor, very knowledgeable...

Y.C., Information Technology Project Manager, National Semiconductor

Thanks for an excellent seminar (Employing Information Technology Effectively) which has given me a far greater understanding of the issues involved.

S.K., Business Planning Analyst, Yellow Pages - UK

Excellent content and materials , many examples used to emphasize the key information technology concepts. Provided outstanding framework, really helped the technology people take a business and information view. Excellent instructor with very positive attitude, energetic...

J.P., Project Manager, AT&T

Outstanding instruction, great step-by-step approach for architectures. Underscored and really emphasized the importance of IT strategies, enterprise architectures and the role of information. Provided excellent content to get all the pieces to hang together...

R.H., Director, Planning and Integration, Crane Company

Very dynamic, his energy really helped to motivate us. Superior presentation with excellent focus on the critical factors in developing and employing information technologies in support of business goals. Really great to see both business and technology viewpoints, excellent knowledge of the material with great examples, Displayed extensive practical knowledge...

P.M., Systems Integrator, IBM


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